Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Books And Boredom!

Reading this...I love this author but if you don't read the books in order...confusion reigns!

I am taking one book at a time...and not really planning what I am going to be reading next. Right now...that works for me!

I really feel as though I should be cleaning something but I am just not in the mood...after running some errands...I am going to relax with my book.

I am very boring lately! But my most boring months are January, February and March. I am not buying anything and we are planning things...trips, concerts, garden stuff...but we are not actually doing anything. Lucy even seemed bored with me yesterday...I proposed a play idea and she yawned at me...actually yawned!


This is Lucy looking bored!


  1. I hear you on not being in the mood to clean right now. I did go out and buy my Valentine present yesterday but that's been about it on the shopping front for me.

  2. I like doing boring things! The best way to relax. I have been organizing on my snow days- since we don't have Feb. vacation. I did get to sit and read, too. Soooooo nice! Have a happy day tomorrow. :)

    1. Yes...I really don't mind being bored...either!

  3. When in a state of boredom, it's best to curl up and read. That's what I think...or watch a movie.

    Lucy does "boredom" really well!

  4. I find it very strange (and difficult) to read more than one book at the same time. I would be so confused.