Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Tease Of Snow Is Not Enough!

All my outside animals are fed...and I am sipping coffee...Golden French Toast...yum!

I finished this...a cold shivery mystery that takes place in Lake Placid...it's filled with cozy drinks and soups and stews and lovely cabins and snow and skiing and a body found frozen in a lake...the lake was frozen, too. It's quite a lovely wintry mystery!

Reading this...a first novel by this author...and it is really good...a busy single mother...who is a high powered attorney...is called to school to pick up her daughter. But...before she gets there her daughter jumps off the school's roof...or was she pushed? So far it's really beautifully written and sad and lovely.

Other stuff...

I am totally in love with BB creams...here are a few favorites...plus I love shopping at Sephora and Beauty.com. for them. My stuff gets here overnight! They are light amazing moisturizers...with a hint of a tint...so yummy!

More other stuff...

I am obsessed with red lipstick. I can not un obsess myself! Here are my new faves...all of these are moist and feel lovely on! The middle one is called Red Lizard...I love that name! The bottom one is a fat crayon stick...that self sharpens. Winter and red lipsticks just seem to go together!

I am watching Downton Abbey...I am just on Season 1...I finally get why everyone loves it...I am hopelessly hooked!

I sort of have a free day...no plans or appointments...I kind of love that!

What's your favorite kind of day?


  1. A hint of snow is more than enough for me.

    I think I love free days - it's been so long since I've had one, though, I'm not sure.

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  3. I need to get the DVDs for the previous seasons of Downton Abbey, as I tried to pick it up in Season Three and was lost.

    Enjoy your reads!

  4. I thought BB cremes were a lot of hype. They've even made CC cremes now. I can't get into Downton Abbey to save my life. I'll have to watch the first season because it doesn't make sense to me at this point.

  5. One of my favourite days is an out and out blizzard where you can't go anywhere even if you wanted to. Reminds me of when I was a kid and school was cancelled a couple of times every winter. The perfect day to curl up with a book and sip something hot :)

  6. A Cold and Lonely Place looks and sounds wonderful. Your day sounds lovely.

    I have never tried BB cremes- but I have heard a lot of great stuff about Sephora. My sister-in-law is obsessed with their products. :)

    1. I love Sephora...they have everything!