Monday, January 21, 2013


Ice cream for dinner last night was so much cream with Rold Gold Thin Pretzels. Yum!

I had Jimmy Fallon ice cream and Den had Willy Nelson ice cream. Double Yum!

Reading this...

Two sisters have not seen each other in 16 was pregnant in high sister sister raised that sister has kidney disease along with a high percentage of the residents of the town. There is a huge factory in this town that just could be the cause of all of the bad stuff? I don't want to share too much...but it's really good, sort of fast paced, and very hard to put down...I need to know what happens so I have been rewarding myself with reading three or four chapters in between doing laundry and prepping dinner and doing other Monday jobs.

That's it...that's my day...and I am loving it!

Loving her, her tutu! Lol...


  1. That sounds really interesting. :)
    My daughter is hanging over my shoulder and loving the pictures of your kitty!

  2. Invisible sounds fantastic and Lucy looks adorable! That cat has it made in the shade.

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    2. Thank goodness she puts up with me...I love that darn book was really good!

  3. The book does sound good...and Lucy looks adorable, as usual.

    I've been watching movies and reading...mostly movies.

  4. My throat is still on fire! I haven't had anymore ice cream other than that one night but man, I hope this goes away soon. I went to the doc and he said either it's a really bad viral infection of which antibiotics do nothing, or I am having a reaction to something. Possibly the cement they used for my temp crown.

    I really wish I could just have one week where nothing was acting up. Even wine did not kill the pain.

  5. LOVE the tutu.

    Wait, did you say Willie Ice Cream? Tell me more?

  6. Invisible sounds so intriguing. I love the cover and the description. Sounds like you had a good day. :)