Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree!

Yesterday went as planned...we drove to the farm to get our lovely Fraser Fir! We loved the first one we saw but that still meant that we had to walk around and look for an even prettier one! We decided that we still loved the first one so we bought it and a spray for the mailbox and were happily on our way home!

However...we should have known that something odd was happening. It only took the farmer ( by helpers) to get the tree up on the top of the car, it didn't shift on the ride home and Den easily brought it in the front door by himself. It took minutes to put it in the tree stand. There was no yelling, dropping, sawing, and holding it up for hours in the stand while someone else screws and adjusts and screws it in again! We didn't even have to ask each other if we were sure it was straight was straight and it was far too easy!

Then we realized why...this is the smallest tree we have ever had! We have high ceilings so we usually get a really tall tree. If we put the tree in the sunroom we can get a 12 foot tree but lately we have been putting in the living room because we can then see it all of the time. Even in the living room the tree is usually big enough to cause yelling and hysteria! But not this year! I think this tree is still close to 9 feet but it looks small to us and the process was just too easy! Oh me oh my! I think next year we go back to the


  1. Well, I certainly hope it's bigger than the one in the picture!

  2. Oh my!! Funny you didn't notice at the time. I sure it looks beautiful :)

  3. Excellent! I'm sure it's beautiful- even the small ones bring the Christmas spirit : ) ~ Jess

  4. I can't even remember the last time I had a big tree....for years, I've had several miniature ones.

    Your tree is lovely, though, nice and thick.

  5. I love that each tree is different! We have had some interesting trees over the years. One almost too tall, some puffy... I am sure your tree looks beautiful. :)