Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Very Busy Day...Similar To The Richard Scarry Books!

I love those books by Richard Scarry with titles like...

This is what I am doing with my day...reading this.

Then I am finishing my Christmas List for Santa...lol. This list must contain websites, sizes, colors and alternates...it is exhausting!

Thank goodness I finished and loved this book...loved the way the author talks to the reader...the author shares his worries and concerns about the book with the reader and just causes the entire experience to be an amazing amount of fun. I loved it! It's sort of magic and fantasy without any magic and fantasy!

The next time you see me...I will have finished The Round House and be halfway finished with Turtle Bay...then a breather until Dec.12th! Loving my schedule...the question is for how long?


  1. I loved reading Richard Scarry books to my kids! I'm heading out shopping tomorrow to hopefully tie up any loose ends - wish I could do it all online...

  2. My nephew used to look at Richard Scarry books for hours. Santa hasn't asked me for a wish list. :/

  3. Ah, I fondly recall the Richard Scarry books....picture books are the greatest!

    In college, I took a semester course of Children's Literature, and adored the Caldecott and Newbury Award books.

  4. My tour for The Round House is next week and I am wayyyy behind.

  5. I used to read and reread Richard Scary books when I was a kid. :)