Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday's Dilemmas!

Dilemma # 1...

Finished spite of all the buzz it was just so so so for me!

I think I need a YA break...
I need a shift to a really yummy English mystery? Decisions...decisions...decisions!

Dilemma # 2...dinner!

I have nothing here...I repeat nothing. I am thinking baked tacos...these are a fave...I use turkey and a homemade taco seasoning...Den loves these but I would have to get dressed...jammie bottoms and a long sleeved tee...slippers and wild hair...wild unwashed hair...won't do...and go out and buy all of the fixings...oh me oh my...the effort!
This photo is from Pinterest.

Dilemma # 3...

Look at this sweater! It is the sweater of my dreams! I want every color! I could live in this sweater most likely forever! Tights, boots...I will be ready for anything...Santa...hey Santa! Yo! Are you listening? It found me through Bluefly. If you have not shopped really should check it out. This collar can be a hoodie...OMG!

Happy to get dressed and go out to hunt and gather dinner!


  1. Is that how you get Santa to bring what you want? Blog about it? Hm . . . I wonder if Santa reads my blog.

    1. Don't you know Santa reads every good blogger's blogs?

  2. I love all those sweaters!

    I wish Santa read my blog!

    Dinner? Check out The Chew's website. That's what I do when I'm short on ideas.


  3. Those sweaters are gorgeous; I especially love the burgundy one in the middle....

    Today I managed to get showered and hair washed (lol), but haven't yet left the house. Very lazy. I think I'll have grilled cheese sandwich for dinner....

    But your tacos look very yummy.

  4. I love the look of these sweaters too. The only problem: If it's cold enough to wear it, it's too cold to wear it off an exposed and naked shoulder...Looks good though!

    1. But you don't have to wear them that way...

  5. These sweaters would make me really happy this winter :)

  6. I love the sweater in all the colors! Looks so comfy. The tacos are making me hungry! They look good. :)

  7. Love the tacos, and certainly all the comfy-cozy sweaters too!