Sunday, September 9, 2012

Home Sweet Home! spite of a somewhat relaxed vacay...are we exhausted today? No food in the house, a lawn to be mowed, flowers to be watered, bags to be unpacked, clothes to be laundered, and a demanding diva ish Tonkinese to be calmed!

The flight both ways was relaxing...we had great comfy seats, WiFi if we wanted it, even a Bloody Mary or two...but I am so tired!

My body actually aches!

I will need a week at least to put our lives back in order!

Maybe longer!

Lucy will not leave me...I get up...she is up...I am at the sink...she is at the sink...Den actually stepped on her...poor baby...because she is so underfoot.

We are so happy to be home!

And LG is happy that we are home, too!


  1. Going away for vacation is always so exhausting. :) It takes a few days to feel normal again (there are always chores to catch up on). Glad you and LG are getting to spend so much time together. See- she doesn't want to let you out of her sight. :) Relax and enjoy sleeping in your own bed again.

  2. I'm catching up to your day-to-day posts...ahh! my little Lucy baby; so sweet:) ...smiles...

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