Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What I Have Learned About Kale...

It is very chewy.
It grows if you don't watch it.
It is not as good as I had hoped...we pitched ours.
It's not good to buy the ruffly kind...it does not cook down at all.
It is going out to the pond so the geese and ducks get more fiber.
It's not coming into our house again.

What a disaster...I had three huge bunches because I thought it would cook down to nothing just like spinach and Swiss Chard. Now I still have two cleaned chopped bags and no clue what to do with it. It never got soft...just chewier and chewier.
Double ick!

Finished this...no nightmares yet...thank goodness!

Reading this...stay at home dad who is sort of losing it when he sees his wife with another man...good so far!

Bought these...I am excited by sweats! From a really neat store called "Licensed To Bling".
But I love comfy! And who doesn't love a good bow?

The sun is shining now but not for long...according to our weatherman...I want to do a quick house tidy up, dinner prep, and then the day is mine!
This is dinner...from Saveur...a lemony rosemary chicken...it is marinating now...to be roasted later!

(picture taken by Andre Baranowski)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I think it's because you bought the curly kale. Try the straight leafed kind next time.

  2. Ugh...not buying any kale any time soon! Love that dinner....

    1. Smart move...or buy the flat kind...

  3. Try Chinese Kale, it's very lovely :)
    Patty, we have an exact same pants right there :) So comfy :)

  4. Squish it through the internet, I'll take it! I love kale. But if you want a slimy formless green mass, it is not your vegetable. It never cooks down when we've cooked it. Did you salt it first? I think that was one thing I've seen a lot in cooking kale.

    Those pants are not unlike the ones I found on clearance at Target, except they were cropped or capri, and not harem pants.

  5. I am sorry to hear that the kale didn't turn out better. I don't know anything good to do with it. I had some that 'salt and vinegar" flavored- and it was crispy (maybe baked?). Hope the animals like it better. :)