Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Magical Day On The Pond

Yesterday there were no geese on the pond...which is now really low...but...there was a heron, a white egret, and a tiny sea bird...in or at the edge of the pond all day long.

They leisurely fished and exchanged places all day. Lucy and I even sat on the deck without them noticing us.

At the end of the day they majestically flew away...full and content. I saw lots of silvery little fishes in their beaks at various times. Nothing really distracted them from their job.

At the end of the day we heard squeaky soft quacking...the boys had arrived...goofy little male ducks who fill their little ducky tummies with corn and then collapse all over the lawn...

At various times our garage is filled with cracked corn, bird seed, peanuts, dried corn on the cob and sometimes even turtle and fish food!

But at the end of the day when the three of us sit out on the deck with a chilled glass of wine...well two of us have wine...and listen to all the chattering...it's just so worth it!

The ducks are not available for photos...they scatter when they see me but stay put when Den feeds them...but there are regular ducks and two wood ducks!

Take care out there today!


  1. A guy in our neighborhood was feeding the geese until everyone got made at him.

  2. I know...there are just too many...that's why we wait til the geese leave and just put some corn out for the ducks...who can resist a duck?

  3. Love your view! I enjoyed hearing about the sites on the pond. What a nice way to spend the day. :)

  4. I love the reflections in the pond in the photos....makes me want to sit there, too, sipping wine.

  5. Do you have a problem with mosquitoes with a water source so close?

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  7. So peaceful and nice on your deck overlooking the pond! I could just picture the 3 of you...2 of you sitting there having your glass of wine! Nice!