Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Why? And Further Thoughts On Eggplant...

Lucy has kitty beds in almost every room of our house. There are plush ones and heated ones and soft comfy quilts thrown on all of the beds. She can sink into velvety pillows or curl up on cozy chairs.
She can place her little kitty body on our king bed.
So...where is her latest sleeping spot?
Here...in dirt!

And she looks comfy!!!

And is she giving me the evil eye?


As for eggplant...hmmm...not so bad...Den loved it...the secret was dipping them in crumbly stuff and then baking them at a high heat...they were crispy and really good!

Who knew?


  1. You failed to notice that the pot is strategically placed in the sun! Cats love the sun. That is why she sleeps in the dirt.

  2. Crumbly stuff always makes everything better! Glad Den found a way to enjoy eggplant. :) I think Lucy likes the planter because of the sun- and maybe the soil is conforms to her body like those mattresses (just a bit dirtier). :)

  3. She thinks she's in the wilderness!

  4. And I love the color! I have that color on my nails right now...lol

    One of my favorite eggplant dishes is Eggplant Parmigiana. I'll bet you'd like it...if you haven't already tried it.

    1. I am beginning to see great potential in an eggplant!

  5. I just did an eggplant dish where you cut the eggplant in 1 inch cubes, and cook until soft in a pan on the stove (10 minutes I think the recipe said). Then add the zest and juice from a lemon, capers, green olives salt and pepper. I added a can of garbanzo beans in with the eggplant near the end to warm it up, so it had some protein and had that for my entire meal. Much better than I thought it would be. In the past I've just sliced them and dusted in flower then panfry them, badly. I liked the new way better.

    Our outside cat loves to sleep in pots too, but the only cushy beds she has access to are the patio furniture cushions.

  6. Ha,ha,ha...can't believe my eyes; Lucy all curled up in the planter over the dirt?...never seen anything like that!
    As for the eggplant; I thought you don't like eggplant? Seems like you told me that a while ago...or was it someone else?

    We love eggplant in our family, any way you make it, but the best way is the crispy-crunchy baked, and soft on the inside!

  7. It must be so nice to be a kitty of a loving home :)