Monday, July 30, 2012

What I Bought!

There is a clothing line that I love...called Indah. It's sort of quirky, flowy, a little bit different...comfy...made from yummy fabrics. Washable...but I hang mine to dry. sort of have to hunt for Indah...really hunt...there's an online Indah but it doesn't even have what certain stores have...and when I say stores I mean online stores...the sizes are so easy...S/M or M/L...I love this kind of sizing!

My favorite Indah piece this year has been this black sort of slip over your head thing that is so comfy and dressy ( or not dressy ) all at the same time...I throw it on over cropped's my perfect outfit. It's a dress/not a dress! It's whatever you want it to be!
I saw it once. I bought it fast. I have never seen it favorite color.
I have seen it in white and peach but it's not the same...every time I think I might try the white one I imagine someone bumping into me with a black Sharpie or a glass of red wine.

So...imagine this in black...I know...not you...but I love this stuff!

Anyway...I found a site called Licensed To Bling...don't you love that name? I managed to snag three amazing Indah tops for literally the price of one! And I got
15% off for just being me!
Not really...
I got it for signing up for their!

Reading, women, success,!


Stuffed peppers! Have you ever had these? I am trying to recreate my mom's. She always made them in the summer. I think they were simply stuffed with rice and ground round? Salt, pepper, but they simmered in the oven forever in Campbell's tomato soup and tomato sauce! I just remember seeing the cans.

Wish me luck!


  1. Were you writing this post specifically to me? lol I'd look like I'm pregnant in that top!

    I do make stuffed peppers. For the filling I use rice, hamburger, canned diced tomatoes and some spices. Good luck!

  2. Cute top/dress! I may have to see if I can find some more looks by that designer. I love comfy and pretty. :)

  3. Love the frilly light look and the sleeves on that pretty top, which I would take in that peachy color!

  4. Cover: SOOOOOOOOOO cute. Please review it :)

    Blouse: LLLLLLLLLLLOVE it. Fine choice.

  5. I wish I could wear that...but it is lovely on those who can, I'm sure.

    And now I am craving stuffed peppers, too! I can't remember what my mom put in hers, it's been that long since I made them...but Kathy's recipe sounds great....

  6. I like that... I might have to check out this brand... sounds like my kind of clothing!

    Miss you :(

  7. I loved stuffed peppers and should have some for dinner soon. I think the top looks cozy- and I agree with you about white. I am always afraid to wear it because of the insane spills I imagine (maybe because at schools markers do hit my clothes). :) Happy reading- the book sounds fabulous!

  8. How did the peppers turn out?