Friday, July 27, 2012

I Blame It On The Roof!

This is a weird summer...first the roof...and we couldn't plant what we normally do because everything was going to be in disarray or covered or ruined. After the roof was done painters were scheduled to sweep in and paint the trim on the house and stain the decks...that was started and stopped because of weather and heat and schedules...resumed this week and still not done because of weather and heat...yesterday a lone painter came before everyone else to get a jump start on the approaching rain...and it rained within 5 minutes of his arrival.

So we have a half stained deck empty of all of its pretty furniture! No flowers, no grill, no place to sit and read and watch the pond. Just half stained wood.

Very sad...

 point to usually have tons of flowers, we spend time on the deck and it's midsummer and we haven't even put out half of our deck furniture and what we did put out is back in the basement while the deck gets done.

Very very very sad...

I blame it on the roof!!!


  1. It never rains when you want it to, and always rains when you don't want it to.

  2. I hope we have some good weather soon so that you can get your projects finished and then get out on that deck. Maybe it will stay nice into September and October. :)


  3. Next year... everything will be fab. Next year...

  4. Awwwwww but just think, the fall on the deck is going to be gorgeoussss!

  5. But you had a nice Amish roofer... ;-)

  6. The year I was trying to get my A-frame and guesthouse painted (in the foothills), it rained constantly. The painter worked a total of 8 days during a two-month period. Some of it was his laziness (lol), and not showing up even when the sun was out, but mostly it was rain.

  7. It would seem strange not to have flowers or the furniture out by this point in the season. Thank goodness all this will be behind you by the time next spring rolls by. You still have a couple of months left to enjoy your deck - hopefully it gets done very soon.

  8. I am blaming the heat.. can't stand it this year.. it gets worse and worse in TX. GAH! And so for years and years and years we moaned and groaned *We must Get A Pool* *We must Get A Pool* *We must Get A Pool* and (new house later..) now it's too HOT HOT HOT to go outside unless you want a heart attack. Lovely.
    (But we're still spending $$ to keep the pool pretty for no real good reason). But.. if I had a nice deck like that.. maybe we could go outside and not get our toes singed. The concrete is not very nice to our feet.
    LOVE the photos with the shadowed fingers.. runs and hides..