Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Stuff...

Today one third of our little family is stressing...

Rain has put our Amish roofer...Sam...blonde Sam...who looks like the guy from The Mentalist...behind schedule...imagine him on your roof all an Amish hat...I know...sounds bizarre and if he ever sees this I will be totally plan to bring him lemonade every hour has been put on hold.


Anyway...stress over the roof, the painters who are painting the dormers using Sam's scaffolding, the fact that we have not mulched yet and weeds are out of control, the garden that isn't planted and the lone ant we found in the bathroom...causing one third of us to wonder if there is a massive ant nest somewhere in our house, the fact that we can't fry an egg or boil water until the parts for the cook top are in, and when are we going to finally decide on granite...we have changed our minds at least fifty times and have no clue where our new island is...we think it's in Mike the Contractor's garage!


So let's just say that two thirds of us sort of deal with things as they happen and one third of us...Den...stress and pace and wake up in the middle of the night with a flashlight looking for the ant's family!

Happy Saturday!

Reading this...finally getting why lots of people's fun!

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  1. An Amish mentalist? Is it weird that I'm imaging him kinda hot? ;)

    1. Juju...he is so hot I stammer when I talk to him...I would not allow any body else to do our roof!

      Thank God he was the best!

    2. Wow. Now you have me wishing the Amish allowed photography. ;)

  2. Patty-you sure have a lot of projects going on at your house...oh, my! Roof job, granite top with new island? stove, can't cook anything? How is Lucy taking all this stress?
    I remember last year, or was it 2yrs
    ago?...can't even keep up with things any more, I was house/dog watching for my daughter and had the old kitchen ripped out to put the kitchen where the den used to be, in the back! Whew! that was a nasty big project, and a huge mess! It took at least 3 months for them to finish the project...half the time they didn't even show up.
    Never hire a contractor that is from "out of town"...from 60 miles away...(bad news)

    1. Lots of projects...none started!!!

  3. You need to buy some ant trap things - they work great!

  4. Great post...made me might like my AZ doctor...looks like a certain one on TV...anyway...Bill was home, it was our 31st anniversary, he got to go to AZ with me, we had a nice few was fun while it lasted.
    You are going to need a vacation when you are done with your projects!! *LOL*

  5. I do that, too, when I see one ant...expect a whole army to follow. So far, so good. I used a little ant spray, but then I have to air out the whole room....

    Yikes, maybe the roofing job should carry on indefinitely, with the Amish Mentalist guy in charge! lol

    What is Lucy doing with it all? Oh, yeah, the "not having a cooktop thing" probably doesn't affect her....


  6. Wife 22 looks interesting! I can understand the stress from finding an ant or two- usually getting traps helps (eases the mind, too). I hope it stops raining soon so your Amish roofer can come back and you can deliver lemonade once an hour. Since he isn't going to be using the internet- you will be safe from him reading your post. :)

    Good luck with the projects!

  7. Your roofer looks like that?? Wow.