Monday, June 11, 2012

Random Thoughts!

My nails are purple as are my toes...I wonder if Sam will notice!

Book business...
Penguin sent me this!!! I loved Discovery Of Witches more than any book ever!!!
I am dancing, leaping, but reading!!!

This is what kitty depression looks like...she knows we are leaving to see Lindsay Buckingham! She refuses to look at us...but she did follow me into another room where I keep more clothes...shocker...and immediately decided to sleep on a black shawl I wanted to wear...

Lindsay Buckingham was fabulous...the concert was described as an intimate evening with him and it was...he did new stuff and Fleetwood Mac stuff...he used about ten different guitars and his voice is still pure and strong. It was in a historical theatre near us called the Queen. For this concert you could sit at tables or theatre seats or be up in the balcony where you can sit on sofas and move around, etc. Apparently the balcony is the preferred seating. We had theatre seats and during
the concert two people in front of us ordered and ate chicken the dark!
You can actually have dinner there before or after the show but this was kind of weird? Chicken wings?

These thoughts...are just random concert thoughts...and things that irritate me at a venue like this one...
Fact...everyone there was old...older? Or...not all that included...sigh!
A huge balding gentleman in the front row stood and waved his hands in the air for a part of the irritating.
An older female fan...thankfully near the end of the concert...decided she needed to be closer to Lindsay so she tried to hop over one row and most likely due to arthritic knees fell into the lap of yet another older couple. She got up and rocked on...OMG!
Another concert goer felt compelled to jump out of her seat and dance!!! It was a lively awkward annoying dance!
There was not a lot of decorum, restraint or composure during the last half of the concert...I felt as though I was at a gently aging Woodstock!
And how annoying is everyone...Den included...using their iPhones to get everything on video?
Majorly annoying...

Last thought...when Lindsay Buckingham said goodnight I think he meant it...he is old...he was tired...I thought we should clap and let him go to his hotel room and go to bed...
but I was in the minority and the grays got him back for another set.

Gotta love concerts!!!

Rock on!!!


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    1. lovely purpled finger accidentally deleted you so I psted you this way!

    2. Psted should be posted...sometimes I hate this iPad!

  2. What a funny post. Did you smell any pot while you were there? LOL.

  3. Nice! Funnnnn!

    And I love the wall hanging over your bed.

    1. Thanks! It's actually over my big reading chair!

  4. Hey, those of us "older" folks set the tone for "rockin' on," back in the

    Dare I say we invented it?

    All that aside, though, it would be kind of embarrassing to see aging boomers trying to look young. lol

    I always have either blue/purple or red/purple nails. Sometimes even darker.

    Can't remember when I had different colors.

    Love Lucy's spot to curl up...looks very cozy.

  5. I love the nail color- I have the same one on my toes right now (I branched out). The concert sounds like such fun and a great night to remember. I was laughing out loud at your description of some of the events. Your new book looks fantastic!!

  6. I saw Fleetwood Mac in 1977, their Rumours Tour. It was a great time!
    Yes, I still remember it. *LOL*

  7. Hahaha, That woman falling into the lap of another couple is too funny!! I love Lindsay Buckingham - sooo jealous. I just picked up 'A Discovery of Witches' today! Can't wait to start reading it and I'm really hoping 'Shadow of Night' turns out to be a good one.

  8. I am envious of you getting Shadow of Night early. I loved A Discovery of Witches so much, I can't wait for Shadow!