Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Potpourri Of Books And Stuff!

Reading this...really loving it but I loved the first one, too, passionately. This one is from Edelweiss and Penguin...almost as addictive a site as NetGalley!
Deborah Harkness has seamlessly taken up where Discovery Of Witches stopped. I almost feel as though it has not been almost an entire year between them.

Yearning to make this...from a site called the DOUGHPUNCHER. It's a square coconut cream pie!

New love...Volatile Flip Flops...comfy, comfy, comfy! Tons of different styles...and again...comfy. I bought mine at Amazon. No shipping!
Honestly...really comfy.

Did not love this book...

Can't wait to read this...

Root beer? Summer makes me want one...icy cold over ice with a straw...this one is delicious!
Root beer floats?

Dinner tonight.
Muffin cup turkey meat loaves and local sweet corn!

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  1. Replies
    1. This one is so good that it tastes like dessert!

  2. I have a root beer for my lunch today (diet, but still root beer).
    The mini loaves looks yummy!

    Too bad about Red House! I so want to read it!

    1. Mmmm...I don't know why I crave root beer!

  3. I love, love meatloaf! I think I would like these turkey meatloaf muffins even more. What a fantastic idea! YUM!

    The flip flops look awesome- so comfy.

    The books all look fab. I must read the Discovery of Witches series (I just started my first Michael Scott book this afternoon- but I only had about 10- minutes to read. LOVE it!!).

    1. Me, too...

      This is turkey meatloaf and very yummy...I made them once's like having the ends of the loaf all to yourself!

      I am so glad you love the Michael Scott book...

      And Discovery Of Witches...oh me oh it so much!

  4. Ooh, so many yummy things, Patty! I especially love all things coconut, and this pie looks so tempting.

    I'm wanting to read Summerland.