Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Order Has Not Yet Been Restored!

We are still putting back the pieces from our roof adventure. It was supposed to lead to peace and happiness for the rest of the summer but so far it hasn't.

The schedule was the roof first, then repainting dormers and trim, then since the furniture was off of the deck anyway from the roof, the painters were going to power wash and restain the deck and be finished by the end of the week! This week! But rain has delayed the painters for up to three weeks so nothing is happening other than putting furniture back on one side of the deck so Lucy and I can read on the deck again!

I usually have flowers everywhere and I don't. Everything usually looks sweet and everything just looks ok. We haven't mulched or finished the garden or put out the summery things that we usually put out.


Very unsettling...

Now three more unfun things...my brother has accepted a position in Saudi Arabia...I am having a difficult time with this...he is over the top excited. I have travelled tons with Dennis but overseas travel to me is England...Italy...France. Den has literally travelled the world for work and even he is having a hard time with this one. It's a 20 hour flight to get there from Texas...where my brother lives/used to live.
I am obsessed with reading expat blogs and looking at pictures of compounds.


we are not going to our favorite bistro...minutes away...for awhile...we had a horrible dinner there a few weeks ago...everything was wrong...and usually everything there is perfect.


I bought that dress I adored...it came yesterday...and it is huge...I slipped it on and it slipped itself off!

I hate returning things!!!

Finishing this in minutes if I would stop blogging...such a wonderful series!

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  1. Ugh, this isn't your week! I'm with you on your brother's move - the middle east just isn't that stable.

  2. I haven't been visiting your blog for a while Patty...but neither, have you visited mine; but its all good, we both know where each other is, and what's going on.

    I love the new pretty background with the open book, and the sky-blue color. I noticed that right away.
    As for your brother taking a job in Saudi Arabia; very prestigious, exciting, and you should be proud of him. He will be all right there, it's not as if he is going to Libya, Iran, or Egypt, so don't worry, he will be safe there and will be making big $$$

  3. I understand your feelings - the middle east is off my list of places I'd ever set my toe in. The heat has obviously pickled everyone's brains over there. I'm sure he will be fine, but it's most unsettling nonetheless.

  4. The money must have been good for him to have accepted a position there. Well, nothing is in stone. He may go and find out it doesn't work for him and then come right back.

    Sorry your dress fell off. LOL.

  5. Reading about your dress makes me think of the Joe Nichols' song...*lol*. Well, hopefully it happened in the privacy of your own home!
    That would definitely concern me for a loved one to go to the Middle East, as unstable as it is.
    You have rain?! I really wish we did! We are so dry & parched here!!
    At least you have good books! And Lucy!!

  6. I guess you don't need tequila to help that dress fall off! lol.

    Sorry that things have been going wrong- that stinks. I can understand why you are worried about your brother going so far away. I hope that things start to take a positive swing soon! I can imagine having your house out of sorts isn't helping. Sending good thoughts and wishes your way.

  7. One year, when I still lived in the foothills house, we were trying to paint it, but it rained so much that season that we probably got only eight days in...and then there were the issues with the painter not showing up, even on sunny days.

    Hope yours turns out better!

    Saudi Arabia? I would not want to think of that place!

    Ha-ha...Stephanie's comment about tequila made me giggle.