Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's Tuesday...I Have A Little Surprise For You!!!

If you missed out on reading this book...I have a copy from the publisher to give away to you! To one of my lucky happy lovely readers! Rebecca Lang from Penguin/Viking will send it to you. The paperback version has just been released...perfect to tuck away into summer beach bags!
Just leave your email in the comments!!!
Easy peasy!!!

Loving this book...it's one of those books that you just want to read slowly...on an Adirondack chair or in a hammock...sort of Great Gatsbyish but in a current way...a wedding, dysfunction...oh my word...so much dysfunction...it's awesome. I love the way this book sort of glides and I love that the characters are so easy to remember in spite of their odd preppy ish names. So far there is Winn and Biddy and Dicky, Sr. and Oatsie and Mopsy and a Greyson and a Sterling or two...plus pitchers of secret recipe Bloody Mary's...and of course lobstahs!!! It's quite the yummy book.

Lucy and I slept until ten this morning...I woke up to her little face on my pillow...
Den's bag is unpacked and his laundry is done...I have not even unzippered my bag and begun to attack it. The dining room table...usually uncluttered... is filled with purses, hats, books, and cameras.
The birds are still at my friend's house...and I cannot even see an end to trip laundry...why we pack so much is beyond me...and I did laundry there!
There is nothing much that is edible in our house...and did I mention earlier that my cooktop is broken? Since that entire island is being replaced and the cooktop is glass and flat...we have no clue whether to try to get it repaired or get a new one...
I have to say it is freeing to not have a cooktop except on Sunday when we were craving pasta and I got everything ready and then realized I could not boil water!
Do you unpack right away or are you a slow unpacker?

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  1. Which book are you giving away? There are two shown.

  2. Caleb's Crossing was very good, I've read it a couple times in the last year. People should enter this giveaway.

    Lucy sounds like she got worn out from the trip.

    I tend to be a quick unpacker of the important things, and a slow unpacker of everything else. I took a couple trips for work in February and March for work, and I'm still not entirely unpacked from those.

  3. I'm afraid that I unpack quickly...I can't wait to get back into my routines, plus I hate the whole "living out of a suitcase" aspect to traveling.

    But I am kind of compulsive...lol

    Would love to read Caleb's Crossing. chezraine@gmail.com

  4. I can't believe I missed this post. Caleb's Crossing sounds great. I would love to read it! haightjess@gmail.com

    I am a slow unpacker.


  5. Caleb's Crossing does sound like a great read. I love that it is Gatby-ish. Thanks for the giveaway! stefpeterson@yahoo.com

    I am dreaming of sleeping in soon- after reading about you and Lucy sleeping in while you were in Maine!