Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Very Good Day! Uneventful...

Life is good when everyone's stuff is put neatly away in closets. We each have our own closet and all the extra bags are folded and put away. Den even likes his new Reny boat bag for stashing away laundry. We are spread out into two rooms and I keep my closet door shut...tightly...of course we still have stuff in the, etc.
Aaah...the turmoil won't bubble up again until we are loading up for the drive home. This is what our room looks like...lovely room 5 at the Grand Harbor Inn. A lovely breakfast tray every morning, Keurig coffee maker in the little baby bar's just so lovely here this time of crowds yet, one of our favorite restaurants is closed for a pre summer's all peaceful and pleasant. We walk and read and go to dinner. We nap and read and walk some more. There is no pressure to see stuff because we know what's out there. I think this is why we love Maine so much.

Dinner last night was here.

This is the most amazing restaurant. Anthony Bourdain has filmed here. It wins awards all of the time. Gardens are everywhere. Chickens, ducks, piglets, bees, berries, herbs...all are steps from the restaurant in lovely beds or cute houses. Last night while having dinner we swear we saw staff race from the kitchen to the gardens to grab a handful of something that will be in a salad or entree in minutes. This place is a foodie's dream. From the breads to the wine to the hand made chocolates served at dinner's's all amazing.


We opted for salads and hand cut house made pastas last night...I had a baby spinach salad with pine nuts in a grainy mustardy dressing. Den had the Farmer's salad with a backyard poached egg in its center. Both were incredible.

I had gnocchi...this one...I think those pea shoots were the ones in the garden minutes

More of Primo's gardens...

The buzzing happy bees...

The Primo piggies...

Every plant and living thing is respected at Primo's. We were talking with Sarah, our server, last night...about what it's like when the piggies time is up. This was on our minds because piglets were arriving on Friday. Sarah said that it is a day of celebration...the piggies have a wonderful life...until they don't any more...sad but factual. The kitchen has bins that are clearly labeled for food waste...that the chickens, ducks, guineas and pigs eat. Melissa and Price...Primo's owners...are incredible. Nothing is left to chance...everything is perfect and delicious. I love that it closes for the winter and has just been opened for a few weeks...we are here at just the right time!

This is usually what we see Lucy doing as we are leaving for dinner...Settling down for a little rest...until we get back!

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  1. Wowwwwwww. I'm green with envy. Looks fantastic.

  2. Sounds so wonderful. Have a great time.

  3. Wonderfully tempting...and I could really get into that relaxing kind of vacation.

    The closest I come to something like that is when I go to Sedona...or Napa.

    This summer, a couple of the teen grandkids want me to take them to LA...not that far, and there are some lovely places there.

    And my son lives there, so we wouldn't have to stay in a hotel...

    But I do love hotels...but when I'm on my own or with a friend, not the kids.

  4. What a beautiful place, your room has a gorgeous view. Love, love this post, and love Lucy!