Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sigh...Another Rainy Day...

Have you ever really loved the book that you are reading but felt as though you have been reading it forever?

That is the case with me and this puppy. It's loaded with flashbacks and I keeping going back and rereading...I am merely halfway through and finally I have the characters in my head. It's good...

I want to get to these...this one? Brothers, abuse, family issues and fighting over an inheritance? Yum!

This one sounds dystopian...the Earth's rotation slows down?
Very excited about this.

This is the way this book is described..." . .Something is wrong in Niceville, where evil lives far longer than men do."

Oh me oh my...

Today I am relaxing with a mani/ looks as though an all day rain is falling but everything outside looks clean and green...I am ready for my sister other than deciding on what to have for dinner on Friday when I am not sure when they are grilling because it's rainy...I need a starter and something prepped and ready...
I have no clue what to serve...
ideas graciously accepted!

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  1. I've got a crazy busy day today! Have fun with your sister.

  2. To me a book where you need to keep flipping back and forth is very difficult to read!!!

    It is gloomy, grey and wet here too!!!

    Does primrose come in more than one color?

  3. That kind of book is one I don't enjoy reading on a Kindle...flipping back and forth is more complicated in that case.

    Too bad about the rain....

    I'm really looking forward to Dirt. I think it looks very tempting.

    1. I's the worst on an ereader...

  4. Gadfly looks very, very good.

    The Vann book... he is usually VERY dark. I'm not sure you can read him. You don't like very dark. I read Legend of a Suicide and Caribou Island and both were gritty! Extremely so! Good, though.

    I have Age of Miracles on both my Kindle and I just got the ARC in the mail. I forgot I was on the tour and then also requested it from Edelweiss.