Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Totally Forgot About My Blog Today!!!

It was so lovely here today. Windows were open, the sky was bright blue, and birds were singing.

We savored coffee while reading newspapers. I love reading Sunday's New York Times...the book section, the travel section, the yummy style section.

We zipped to Whole Foods. We had pizza for lunch. We grilled hot dogs for dinner. We had a lovely salad with Thousand Island Dressing...because a Sunday morning show was all about islands including the origin of that dressing. Are we influenced by tv?

Oh yes we are...and I don't think I have ever had that pinkish dressing ever until today...but this dressing was made from yogurt and didn't have the relishy bits in I am not sure it really was actually real Thousand Island...oh well!!!

Any way...

Happy Sunday!!!

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  1. So nice to hear that you had a relaxing Sunday, Patty! Our weather was gorgeous all day Sunday, as well...until the storm came again, late afternoon, as it has been like this for the 3rd week now, but we actually got a sunny day!

    The thousand island dressing used to be a huge favorite of mine in the seventies. I used to make it a lot, simple, homemade with the usual mayo, ketchup worcestershire sauce, and oh yes...the gritty pickle relish! I've forgotten all about that dressing...and also, that it was a huge hit on simple iceberg lettuce!

  2. We're back to hot weather but we had a great Sunday too. The day just flew by!

  3. How fun... and I think that would be thousand island-less dressing ... hee hee hee
    I spent most of Sunday with my head buried in a book!!!
    Now that was fun!