Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bye! Bye!

My sister just left and I already miss her...she and her husband are off to the Outer Banks to spend a week with friends.

We bought purses, celebrated Cinco de Mayo, sat at a brew pub and watched our husbands drink beer, and went to dinner at our favorite place.

I made pancakes and frittatas.

My sister has a way of leaving her stuff all over the house...I laugh because it is so by the door, knitting in the sunroom, stuff she's taking to the Carolina's in the refrigerator...she fills up places with her stuff! Bags and bundles's what my sister Paula does.

Lucy finally jumped up into my sister's husband was too funny for words!
He was not pleased. Lucy nibbled on my sister's yarn while she was knitting and put a hole in her pattern...the paper one...not her knitting.

She is an interactive kitty!!!

When my parents were mom would either walk down the driveway and wave until we were out of site or stand on her front porch and wave until we were out of my sister and I do that for each sort of remind us of what we once had.

We are exhausted today...all three of us...I have not been good about comments for the last few days but I will make it up to you!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. It sounds like you had a very nice visit with your sis. Lots of good food too and shopping! Always a nice combination.

    I am still out of sorts and not doing all that great. I am thinking I may need to do a cleanse or something because I can't seem to shake the gluten reaction I had a couple of weeks ago. It usually takes a week for it to leave my system when it's really bad but it's going on three and the joint pain seems to be getting worse. I am still hitting the gym but it's not going away.

    This week at work, I am on my own which is fine by me.

  2. Your visit sounds just lovely. So glad you got to have that time with your sister. Everything sounds like such fun. :) I love that you wave to eachother and keep the memory of your mom alive.