Monday, May 28, 2012

And A Good Time Was Had By All!

This was taken after a long walk by the water yesterday morning...Lucy was pushed in her brand new all terrain stroller and appears to be exhausted. Den and I are pleased to be able to provide enriching experiences for Lucy So far Lucy has been in two different hotels, strolled the streets of Portland, taken an hour walk along the beach, put up with doggies staring into her stroller as well as enduring the actual drive up here...sat by a fire pit and had a drink with her stroller of course...and when housekeeping came to see if we needed anything...Lucy answered the door with me and promptly dashed into the hallway...freaking me she a little too comfy?

We are off to Street And Company for dinner...we have been coming here for years...all of these neat restaurants are in Old Port in these amazing old buildings. Beams and old wood and great's what we love about this part of Maine.

We had local oysters as a starter for dinner...I had sole. Den had halibut...grilled and yummy. Delicious breads, a great glass of wine, a yummy salad. Maine oysters...if you like oysters, are my favorites in the world...small, icy cold and served with a minuet sauce. So good.

Then we walked the cobblestone sidewalks in search of gelato...which we found...yeah!!!

This place was great...they stuff the size cup that you want generously with as many flavors as you want...I had S'mores and this baby...I don't even know what it was but I will crave it forever.

This is the cool thing about's not as pretty as Camden...but if you just want a day or two of seriously unique shopping and is a foodie's do what we do and stay for a few days...the shops are delightful...more than This is Old Port. Every shop more fun than the next.

We usually always stay at an amazing boutique hotel called The Portland Regency but because of Lucy we opted for the Marriott Residence Inn...a pet friendly hotel...and we had water views and were just a block or two from Old Port. We would stay here again. But I do miss being in the heart of Old Port.

So...tons of rain today...and we were craving another yummy long walk but I am quoting my husband after begging him to hit the shops..we can't walk in's raining sheets of rain...

But I am determined!

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  1. That little Lucy has you two wrapped around her little paw!

  2. Patty,so glad to see you got to, love, reading your post, and the "Lucy adventures", cute, indeed. Your food experiences are amazing, and I would love to have the fresh and delicious oysters, cold, with just simple lemon juice and dashes of Tabasco sauce. Your photos are great, taken with your cell phone it and I-phone?

    OK, checking out your previous post, now! I'm being a "copy cat" and borrowed a few photographs from Pinterest for my latest post. I've been so hooked on Pinterest, lately!

  3. Sounds like you're having a great time.

  4. Oh, I'm so envious of the beautiful places and foods, etc. What fun! I love that street scene, with the brick walkway.

    The die for!


    Lucy looks tuckered out, as my grandma would have said.

  5. I read this when your first posted it and at the time, was enjoying a scoop of Haagen Dazs so I totally got your need for gelato!