Saturday, April 14, 2012

Well...I Can't Walk The Walk!!!

Wore these to dinner...they are so much fun and so cute...strangers asked me where I got them...I had on my signature outfit...a tunic y black cropped tights underneath...
One problemo...
That would be the actual walking part...
So these are good for short distances only...
very very short...

I don't get it...they aren't that high but I was still teetering and tottering in them...

Read and reviewed this...just a fun bittersweet story...deliciously flawed characters...literally blew through this one. It was in my Vine group.

Also read and reviewed this...this was in my NetGalley group...YA, haunting, great characters with just the right amount of snarky fun thrown in...

I loved that I stuck to my plan this week and by doing so and with Den away...I read four books.

Who knows what next week will bring? I plan on more of the same...I actually read more this time of year...sitting on the deck surrounded by a cat, squirrels, crows, ducks, geese and I finally saw one bunny!!!

I think I am reading this next...also from NetGalley.

Happy Sunday!


  1. I have no doubt I couldn't walk in those shoes - I can't remember the last time I wore heels.

    1. I can take little baby steps!!!


  2. The shoes are super cute- but sometimes it is hard to walk in certain shoes if the bottom of them seems more rounded. Not sure if the bottom has a little roundness to it or not...

    How awesome that you are getting so much reading done. I have actually been getting a lot more reading done, too. I need new lawn furniture/deck furniture- then I can read outdoors. The weather is just beautiful!

    Aftewards looks amazing and I really want to read Far From Here.


    1. I have to check those shoe bottoms out...

      Afterwards is really good...

    2. And yes...I am a reading

  3. I can't wear anything with more than an inch heel...and then for only short periods. Like I wore some pumps to a wedding, but had to take them off to dance!

    Read Come Home, by Lisa Scottoline, today! Very fast-paced thriller.

    The Lupton book looks fascinating....

    1. I will...there is nothing in the world like being barefoot!!!

      The Lupton book is ridiculously good!!!

  4. Nothing worse than walking in uncomfortable shoes...these slip-ons look so cute, but the straps doesn't seem to support enough; I think I would be slip-sliding in them and tripping too!
    I used to love to wear high heels, and those cute wedgies but I'm so used to just being comfortable in cute flip-flop sneakers, or a nice open back style!
    Thanks for the encouragement, Patty...all the stress about Prince is throwing me off track with WW...although it's all my fault!
    BTW-I uploaded Lucy's photo...sooo cute, will pin it on Pinterest. If you disapprove, I will take it off. (just want to show her off)...smiles!

  5. No flex at all. That's the problem with these shoes of yours. I have some handmade wooden clogs and it's the same thing. I clunk around and fall off of them, even!

  6. Those shoes have no give and the bottoms are rounded.... Cute... but flawed design!

    How many books do you read a week????

  7. I've never been a shoe person, I own about four pairs - joggers, sandals, flip flops and dress shoes. LOL I couldn't imagine wearing those!