Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ta Da!!!

Finished this...

If you love old English mysteries with an intro to the beginnings of ME's and crime scene will love this book. Glorious engrossing mystery...policemen you will want to make dinner for...and tons of excitement!!! It was long and lovely and filled with creepy early medical practices...lockjaw? Who knew there was such a thing...and leaches and putting jars on your body to take the poisons out...grossly the end of the book a crime fighting team is established...Day and Hammersmith...Hammersmith and Day...I can actually see this as a movie!!!
So excited by this book!!! I hope there are more!!! But the research for a book like this has to be excrutiatingly torturous!!! Alex Grecian needs to take a nice rest and then pick up his laptop and start writing the next book!!!

Now reading this...

Described as suspense filled and intense!!!

Thinking about this...

Has anyone ever heard of this Jello creation before? Am I the last person in the world to make this?

Can you believe it is pretzels...that's the bottom...and cream cheese and Cool Whip?
And Jello and frozen strawberries?

Not one ounce of organic anything in this thing...Although we did use organic strawberries...

You can't imagine the taste...or can you because you have heard of this before and...again...I am the last to know...the recipe is on Pinterest...of course!!!


  1. I've seen that dessert before but have never had it myself. Was it good?

    Not familiar with The Lost Ones but it looks good!! Love the cover.

    1. It was good and I loved that cover, too.

  2. This is neither here nor there, but Ace Atkins graduated from the same high school my son did - years earlier, of course.

    1. Love that was all there!!!

  3. Okay, you had me at the strawberry does look yummy, maybe especially because there's nothing organic!

  4. The Yard sounds amazing. I love mysteries and it sounds top notch. I have never had that type of Jello creation. Sounds yummy- maybe I will have to give it a try. :) Pintrest has the most fantastic things!


  5. I have the Yard, sounds like I need to read it soon.

    Pretzel salad is a staple around here at cookouts in the summer - Delicious!!