Saturday, April 14, 2012

All About Laundry...

There are three of us in our little family but only two of us wear clothes.
Well...other than Lucy in her occasional hoodie but that should not be a ton of laundry...right?
We have a ton of laundry. We each change clothes three times a day...I don't get it...either.

Work out clothes, out and about clothes, comfy relaxing at home clothes!!! And there is still dry cleaning.


My original system was a bin for every category...fine washable whites, fine washable darks, towels/ sheets, darks, lights, and kitchen towels.

Just a bit bin much so that the bins...which were actually tall meshy basket like things were taking over an upstairs guest room. And I wouldn't do laundry until a bin was full and then it would take all day to wash, dry, fold, carry back upstairs, and finally put away! In addition to hanging all fine washables on hangers. Add to that the crazy fact that my washer turns everything inside out so I have to uninside out everything to hang. And even if I spent all day doing laundry it was still only one category!


Then...folding takes so long because when Lucy hears the dryer go off...she literally races me to the laundry room, waits for the dryer door to open, races me to the family room where I dump hot clean laundry on the floor. She claims it as hers until it's cool or the next batch is ready. I delicately pull out whatever I can to fold as she desperately hangs on to it. Until the next batch and we start all over again...


Anyway...a new system is now in place...everything in one bin...when it's full I do little loads...and I am done for a few it!!!

So far it's working...I sort as I do it and everything is finished in one day...the only dissatisfied family member is LucyGrace...her hot piles of clothing are a teensie bit smaller.

Hopefully she'll get over it.

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  1. Hee Hee Lucy and her hoodies. I'm giggling like a maniac:)

    That's how I do my laundry now too, enjoy the freedom!

    1. I really do feel free...and I am not dumping freshly dried laundry in the family room!

      She has her wn temperpedic heated bed so she's cool...for now!!!

  2. Gosh, you could be such a perfectionist! It's very stressful I've realised. And life's more fun with a little bit of disorder thrown in here and there. It's more relaxed and chilled out! ;p Good you're enjoying life the laundry way!

    1. Yep...learning to appreciate a teensiest bit of disorder...

  3. Yes, laundry can be an unending task...

    I'm chuckling here, because Lucy looks so perturbed in that if she suspects a conspiracy afoot, and not one that will end up with her cuddled in nice warm piles....

    This was a fun post!

    1. She is perturbed...and thank you!!!

  4. How fantastic that you found a system that works even better! YEAH! I am all about making life easier. I always have a ton of laundry and there are just two of us. It is crazy!


  5. I like doing laundry but I don't like putting it away. The kids are old enough to do it themselves, and they do but I have to tell them a minimum of 5 times just to get them going. It's a drag.

    My dog likes laundry but not for the same reason as Lucy. The Otter Pup knows that it will take me awhile to put my half away so she keeps me company in the closet, the warmest room in the house.

  6. Lol there are 6 of us and I do far too much laundry. I gave up separating whites and colours or anything else years ago. I do at least four loads of clothes over the weekend and one midweek. Once every two weeks I do the bedding, every other week I do towels. My husband folds, the kids have to put away their own things (in theory) - ugh never ending!