Friday, March 23, 2012

A Summary...Sort Of...

It has been just Lucy and me this week...Den has been away for work...but he is home now.

I sort of cleaned and sort of cooked...cheerios, toast, eggs...that was dinner...and read really a lot.

I did tons of laundry.

I sorted through summery clothes.

I got my nails done.

I went to Whole Foods...again...apparently my new hangout...

I went to lunch with a friend.

My sister wants to rent a house in Key West next March with my brothers and me...we are in...but she won't let me have the big bedroom...meanie Paula. She says when I do all the work then I can have the big room...hmmmm.

My shaded reading glasses came and they made reading on the deck easy and relaxing.

Lucy determined the time that we went upstairs every night so I was able to read even playtime of course...Lucy determines that, too...

Last night she herded me upstairs when it was still daylight and after we raced and romped and played she went downstairs for alone time and abandoned me...

I felt manipulated!!!


I got great new books from Amazon Vine...this week they even had refrigerators to review...I wasn't fast I got more lovely books.

Finished this...really good...

Choosing my next book in minutes!!!

Happy start to the week end!!

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  1. Well, I definitely know who's in charge at your house!

  2. That is soooo funny..... Muttley determines when we go upstairs too.... it is like, "I'm done, you coming?" that look over her shoulder as she heads for the staircase!

    1. I know...and I deliver every time.

  3. It sounds like you had a nice, relaxing week. Lucy seems like a fun and exciting companion. :) Never Tell looks like it is interesting!

  4. What a great week - even if Lucyis the boss!

  5. Next March you guys will be renting a house in the Keys?...that's an entire year away...and for how long?