Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rainy Days And Random Reading

I am so proud of me!!!

I am sticking to my plan...alternating between Amazon Vine and NetGalley books until I put a sizable dent in my stack stack real.

Other than that...I am sort of randomly choosing from each pile! I am not letting dates bother me...I am reading...writing a review...and moving on..

I am on a roll!!!

Really into this book from NetGalley...not out yet...but I loved his book Matrimony.

This one is a family saga...intense...I am into it already...but it mostly takes place in a place I love...the Berkshires...

It's a beautiful rainy cleansing day...out to dinner night!!!

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  1. I love the rain, much better than snow, lol!! I can't believe you have read 43 books already. Have a fun date night.

  2. Kudos to you! I know this is a goal we've both been striving for. I'm trying to figure out a strategy myself.

  3. We have rain almost every day...and then the sun comes out. That's Florida weather!
    Date night? sounds like fun...I wonder how Lucy will like being left alone for a couple of hours!

  4. I like the idea of date night...and that drink looks tempting.

    I have the book Matrimony on my stacks...I guess I'd better hurry up and read it...

    I spent the whole day today reading and watching movies. Bliss!

  5. Rain? Oh, I'm so jealous! We can use a little rain here, too :)