Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Coconut Crazy!!!

It all started when I spotted a bag of coconut chips at our local healthy food store. It looked interesting...it wasn't the blue bag on the grocery store shelf...it was really flaked and natural coconut...

Now here is the thing...I have never really liked coconut...but all of a sudden it is everywhere. Trader Joe's has coconut butter, my husband loves coconut water and is also putting coconut milk on his cereal...we are even using a coconut coffee creamer.

We have been nibbling on the coconut in the bag I bought but I wanted to do something with it.

Something interesting.

Something substantial.

I googled coconut and found a recipe for three ingredient coconut cookies. There are a ton of these recipes floating around out there in the Land Of Google.


I find it hard to believe but the recipe is 5 1/2 cups of coconut...which is exactly what was in my coconut bag and a 14 oz. can of sweetened condensed milk and 2 teaspoons of vanilla. Then all you do is mix it up!!!


I used an organic can of condensed milk.
It was a really pretty red can with a black and white cow on the front.


I baked them for about 11 to 14 minutes at 325 degrees. I baked mine on parchment paper on pans...I didn't even have to wash the cookie pans!!!

Oh...you can make them big or small...I made mine giant because I am an impatient cookie maker.

The result was these amazingly chewy fabulous coconutty cookies.

They are supposed to freeze really well.

And seriously?

I don't get how this works but the cookies are amazing...moist and chewy and crispy all at the same time!!!

Coconut must be one of those magical ingredients!!!

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  1. I'm Hispanic so coconut love seems to be in our blood. Try Thai coconut soup. And the Vietnamese make a superb coconut rice milk dessert. Also try coconut ice cream at your local Indian restaurant.

  2. I am not a fan of cocounut. My mom loves it- but not me. I tried coconut water a year ago and it wasn't for me. I know a lot of people love it. Glad you are finding lots of ways to enjoy it!

  3. Laurel...I accidentally deleted your comment on my iPad so I am writing it in my own words because it won't copy and paste either...but Laurel loves coconut especially coconut ice cream from her favorite store...she has to be careful though because it's so good she would eat it all up way too fast!!!

    1. Laurel also loves the way these cookies look...

  4. I found out I was lactose intolerant last year, so I've been using coconut milk in place of cow milk on my cereal (which is good since I found out I was soy intolerant too). I never could stand the taste of the coconut milk in the can, but the kind they sell as milk alternatives doesn't have that taste. If you want vegan or vegetarian recipes (or alter them), So Delicious likes to share ones where people use their products. I have texture issues, so I still can't stand the texture of the flesh.

    I do have some coconut oil. Daphne Oz said she likes to use it on popcorn to get the seasonings to stick, but I haven't tried it yet. If not, can probably make some skin or hair treatment out of it =D

    1. Coconut seems to cure everything!!!

  5. I love coconut macaroons :) it's really good when you fill it with jam, too :)

  6. These look delicious! And sound so easy.

    1. Carol..they are and we're so easy!!!

  7. It sure looks super yummy, and addictive...will try it for sure!
    Thanks for sharing, Patty:DDD

  8. Delicious! Have you ever tried coconut ice?