Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This Is Definitely Cheesy!!!

True to form...and to further my addiction to Reeder...and in my quest to find amazing Game Day snacks...

I found this!!!

It's a hedgehog? It's a cactus? It's a mango?


It's Cheesy Jalopena Bread!!!

Wouldn't this be good with chili? White chicken chili? Turkey chili? Real cowboy chili?

Do cowboys eat chili?

Just look at the insides...

This recipe comes from another fave foodie blog called Simply Recipes. I have made tons of things from this site. The recipe for carnitas on this site is simply yummy!!!

Here is the link for the!!!

What is it about football...especially Super Bowl...that makes eating like this so much fun?

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  1. How amazing is that! I don't know who thinks up these decadent recipes, but someone should give them a medal :)

    1. That's for sure...I think I will make it!!!

  2. I think my husband might find this a little too freaky looking to eat. Sounds yummy, though.

  3. That looks scrumptious (now that I know what it is). My mouth is starting to water thinking of all that cheesy goodness. YUM!

  4. You mentioned turkey chili...and I LOVE it! The "hedgehog" looks it would really be a taste treat....

  5. Oh that looks super yummy :)

  6. Would not work with GF break. Sad face.

    I love football food!! Brats with grilled onions, hot and cheesy dips, chili with loads of cheese and a big tray of enchiladas. We aren't having a party this year because 1)Green Bay lost 2) I will be schlepping props to kids on stage for at least half of the game (the last half) but I may end up working the entire day since they need help.

  7. My guys would love this! Sadly, my son is allergic to jalepenos (go figure!) so he'll have to content himself with looking at the pictures. Of the hedgehog. ;)