Saturday, January 7, 2012

We Almost Have A Mailbox Again...

We are so close to actually getting back to normal mail delivery.

I have stressed all week over mail.
Our mailbox was killed right after Christmas.

pretty cedar post with finial and lovely white mailbox.  You served us well for the short time you were with us.

It was destroyed along with our 25 mph street sign.

So sad.
This was the fourth time.
Our mailbox has been batted, hit, ripped off and now plumb run over.
We don't have good luck with our mailboxes.

Lucy and I watched while Dennis dug a hole...removed shards of cedar post,
poured in cement,
only made one extra trip to the hardware store, 
and then finally put in the post .
After much sighing and groaning.
and one "Patty, could you just get me a drink of water...I think I am going to faint".

I guess actually digging as opposed to watching someone dig...
 is harder work.

I have been waiting for our mail lady every day so that she won't have to jump out of her truck and bring me down the mail.
When I am not there she brings it down to me anyway...people are so sweet and kind and nice.
So...tomorrow...we will have a bright shiny new mailbox.  This time white on white.
It's kind of fun to change it out all the time.
We never get tired of our mailbox.

Because it could be gone tomorrow.

Hopefully you are having a lovely Saturday!!!

This is dinner tonight...


  1. Rotten luck!
    Cheers to your new one and thank goodness for having a nice mail carrier.

  2. Our mailman is a grouch and won't get out of his Jeep if you don't have a mailbox up. Carl is in the process of replacing ours but, thankfully, the old one is still standing.

  3. Wow...who new so many mailboxes were in trouble this year...

  4. Oh, yes, I do recall mailboxes...nowadays I have a P.O. box...although there are mailboxes at the street that go to the condos. I only get junk mail there. Only occasionally do I have to have mail sent to the residence, and when I'm expecting something, I get anxious, because the mail delivery is unreliable....things get sent back, or I receive other people's mail. And I've been living here for 4 1/2 years!

    Good luck with your new mailbox!

  5. Wow, I hope you have much better luck with #5 :) Your mail carrier sounds like a real doll!

  6. Sorry to hear about your mailbox problems. But- it sounds like you get to try out a whole bunch of new ones. I love to get mail- so I would be so sad if something happened to mine. Glad you have such a nice mailperson. Wow! Hope this box stands for a while!

    Your dinner looks delicious!


  7. Since I live in a condo, I don't know too much about mail boxes by the curb. Even before living in a condo, our mail box was attached on the entrance does my daughter's mail box. Somehow, people seem to run down, and destroy the curb-side mail boxes! Funny, but not so funny...not a ha, ha, funny to have to replace your mail box!

  8. a minor suggestion...brick it in~ that way dumbies can't steel it and it they try to run over it, their auto with be hurt worse probably than the box!

    i told you i was evil!

  9. Ooh...hodge pudge...I kind of like the way you think!!!

  10. Hodge podge not hodge pudge...sorry!!!

  11. Oh gosh how frustrating! Good luck with this new mailbox! Maybe you could put one of those motion sensor lights on it that blinds you when you get too close...although checking your mail would definitely be lit up

  12. Ooh, thanks Stacy...that's a good idea...we have a teen little camera on it case it happens again...

  13. Who killed it? I've been known to back into a mailbox in my day. *crunch* Lol...