Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's Summer...Reviews Are Short And Breezy...

Perfection in a beach read. 
Makes you want to head to Nantucket and walk on Tom Nevers Beach and eat lobster and fish and boat and bike and seal watch.
Makes you want to sit at a local Nantucket bar, order a great martini and people watch.
Makes you crave muffins and hot coffee while you sit on the deck and read the morning paper.
Two women...both dealing with major tragedies and life style changes spend the summer together...sort of reluctantly.
A little bit of a Bernie Madoff story for one wife...but the book was still very good.

In a totally different vein...we are back in high school...back in time with a time machine and time travellers...
There are two more books in this beautiful series.

How is your summer?

Are you relaxing with a great book?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Obsession With Red Chairs...

I love my is me...splashes of red...quilts...paintings...books...white dishes...white wood furniture...we have lived all over the country and we have cherished pieces from everywhere.  But in prepping my house for guests...I realized a very important thing.
 My husband and I spill over into every room. 
We share our walk in closet but we have taken over every other closet in the other three bedrooms.
Every drawer is full.
We have no empty spaces.
When I want more space...I buy a bin...fill it...label it...and put it in the basement.
The basement is becoming a scary place.  The basement is neatly organized with bins...
but there are a ton of bins.  Bins in every color of the rainbow.
Bins filled with clothes and who knows what else. I started with seasonal colors but by now they are totally mixed up. I can not own 10 orange bins of Halloween stuff...that is just not possible.
Someday soon I will be as ruthless with the bins as I was with my books.
That brings me to the red chairs.
I wanted extra seating for the family room which comfy for the two of us.  I have the sofa.  Den has the overstuffed big red chair.
I will share my sofa with our guests and someone can sit in the baby red chair...which I put together from IKEA!!!
I put this together, too. 
You cannot have enough red chairs!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

I Am A List Maker...

I don't know how it happened.
I used to be so carefree.
My mom always called me last minute Patty.
But all of a sudden I am a devoted list maker.  I make a list every day!!!
I think I am getting rigid with my lists.  This cannot be happening to me.
My daily routine is sort of scheduled and I like it that way...that is scary!!!
I plan and prep dinner as though I am on the Food Channel.
The table is set for dinner before noon.
Chores are done in a timely manner.
This is making me sad...I have lost my fun side...I am not relaxed until all of the little itty bitty daily nothings are done.
I am becoming my mom...we would beg her to sit with us and talk or play but she was always cleaning.
I am not cleaning...according to my lovely husband...but I engage in many activities in any given day.
I play with Lucy.  I sit on the deck and sun and read with Lucy.  Lucy and I might snuggle down with a book and a nap.  Lucy and I might walk aroung the 'hood.
I work out.
I lunch out.
I think about stuff.
I rearrange rooms.
I read lots of blogs.
I read lots of books.
And before I realize it...the day is done and I start it all over again...with a new list!!!

Do I need to seek professional help?