Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pumpkins Abound...And A Review Or Two...

It looks like a real live pumpkin, doesn't it?
It is my most treasured and fave pumpkin...from my collection.
It came from one of my favorite shops in Maine...Stonewall Kitchens.
I love when October nears so that I can pop this bad boy on the kitchen table and just watch him lovingly for a month.
Hate the color orange in clothes but love it in pumpkins.
I am craving pumpkin pie right now, too.
I feel as though I have been reading nonstop.  I just finished these books within the last week or so...
Rival...loved this even more...beautifully written.
Frost...loved it.
So Near...not in love with this one but it was good.
Drink, Slay, Love...this one was amazing...adored it...
Once Upon A Time There Was You...not so much enamored with this one.

I think I am all over the place with reading material but I kind of like that.
Detailed reviews are on Goodreads.
Someone loves her stroller after 10 days in Maine so I am walking her up and down the street at least once a day.  Our block is only two blocks big and the blocks do not connect so we have to walk up the street and down again.  We are in a neighborhood where no one really knows anyone else that we always get weird looks.
Thank goodness Lucy is thick skinned.

Happy Thursday!!!


  1. You need to move to our neighborhood - it's very friendly. Lots of our neighbors walk dogs, but no one walks a cat, so you might get a look or two. ;)

  2. We yearn for a friendly neighborhood...ours just is not.

  3. I am coveting your pumpkin! And I love that your cat allows you, or demands, to take her for walks in a stroller! We tried to leash train our cats when they were young but it was a whole lot of them going limp like a student war protestor and not a lot of walking.

  4. Gorgeous pumpkin! That reminds me...time to take out the resin Jim Shore decorations.

    Love that counter and the backdrop of your kitchen! Very cozy!

    I'm going to check out those book reviews. Once Upon a Time There Was You was not my favorite by this author, either.

    Enjoy your Halloween stuff...and I love pumpkin pie, too.

  5. I love the pumpkin.

    We live in a pretty friendly neighborhood, which is nice. It's not overly friendly, but the kind of place where you say hello to each other.