Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Anniversary To Me!!!

Or rather to us...
I guess...but mostly me...

My bridal bouquet was a massive one of white most treasured and favorite flower!!!

And every year since our wedding day my husband fills vase after vase with the tiny white spray roses that I love.

We were out for lunch today and saw a sailboat with a bride and groom and entire wedding party on board...they were married at sea...a fine combination of tuxes and
a beautiful tattooed bride in an amazing gown...a carriage picked them up and took them away...

Aren't weddings wonderful?

I am reading Drink, Slay, is delicious!!!

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  1. Happy Anniversary !!
    I love "A beautiful tatooted bride in an amazing gown" - what an image!

  2. Oh wow! Happy Anniversary, Patty. Wishing you many more to come...

  3. Brenda...she was awesome...and the entire wedding party guests and all..were on the sailboat with her...

  4. I noticed that you put those roses right in front of the TV. What? No Red Zone this past weekend?

    Haha! Hope you had a great anniversary. I want to hear about the food.

  5. Oh, happy anniversary...a few days late! I love the romantic image of the white roses....

    And the book you're reading does sound delicious.

  6. Thank you...Laurel...they were lovely and the book is really good...