Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Waiting For These Books And Why I Love Target!!!

First...of course...books!!!

I can't wait to read this book.  The synopsis and early chatter make me want it right now.  Check out this link for a book description.  It is at and there is a form to fill out if you want to snatch up one of fifty early review copies.

This one sort of reminds me of the era that The Help was written in.  Florida, the fifties, and the maid that keeps the family together.  Read more about it on goodreads.  It sounds warm, sad, heartbreaking and intensely interesting.
Early reviews seem to place this in that scary spellbinding page turning niche.  Check it out at goodreads, too.

Now to Target.  I am amazed at how many different kinds of things can be purchased at Target!!!  Today was a busy errand day.  Lucy needed catfood and that meant a trip to Petsmart.  My little zebra finches needed millet and new Martha Stuart puppy pads to line their cage.  Those are at Petsmart, too, but our Petsmart happens to be next to a Target. 

It is Easter inside Target!!!  It is Spring inside Target!!!  There is a grocery store inside Target and they carry Amy's Organic frozen entrees and burritos and enchiladas!!!  Orange juice, Pellegrino water and Peter Pan Peanut Butter!!!

These just happen to be the supplies I I stocked up on them!!!
Plus...Target has that lovely red card that takes 5% off of your bill!!!
I have begun to buy ketchup and mayo and Cheerios at Target!!! 
I also love all of their Method cleaning products and Burt's Bees shower gels.

Plus...this is what I have been told at my Starbucks...the one right inside of my Target...if you use your Target card to buy a Starbucks takes 5% off of your Starbucks order, too.

I find this information fascinating.

Do you love your Target store as much as I do?


  1. I actually got to meet Anna Jean Mayhew briefly last September and I'm excited about her book too. She's actually coming to my local bookstore on April 4 and I hope to get to visit with her more.