Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lost And Found...A Review...

Totally engrossing.

Mesmerizing illustrations.

Fascinating Characters

Beguiling story themes.

I think that the primary grade teacher in me will always love a picture book. I loved the times when I brought my second graders back to class from lunch and recess and they put themselves on our rug and waited for me. It was the sound of my voice and the stories that I read to them that they wanted. I would read to them and we would surround ourselves in fantasy and excitement as well as reality and wonder.

This feeling came back to me as I read this book. Its audience can and should be any one from 9 to 99. I lost myself in the fantasy and the reality of this book. The stories gave me questions and answers. I could relate parts of my life to the thoughts and ideas in this book.

The book is divided into three stories. The first story is entitled The Red Tree, the second is called The Lost Thing and the last story is a John Marsden classic called The Rabbits.

I truly think that each story will have a bit of a different message for each reader. For me, The Red Tree was a beautiful message of faith and hope. The Lost Thing meant something totally different. I felt for the lost thing and yearned for people to appreciate it. The Rabbits sort of freaked me out. I interpreted it as a message to mankind to take care of the earth or the places that we love may be forever changed but it could have been about people getting along, too. Either way it captivated me.

This is one of those lovely books that you will want to keep in view. It can begin a real discussion if you are reading it to a child. You can spend hours and hours perusing the amazing art within this book and you will always find something new that you overlooked before.

I loved this book. 
I chose this book through AmazonVine...I am finally an AmazonVine reviewer!!!


  1. This sounds like a wonderful book :)

    I've recently become an Amazon Vine reviewer too! I've got 3 books from them waiting for me to read already!

  2. Nikki-ann...I have wanted this forever and gave up on it and then it happened!!!

  3. Yay for getting a book from Vine!! I really enjoyed this one too - did you know they made a short film from The Lost Things and it won an Academy Award?