Saturday, March 13, 2010

Firespell...And A Pat On The Back For Patty

Not only did I add reviews to Amazon, Goodreads and LibraryThing...I also began a file of all of my reviews.  I learned from another blogger, Kathy...thank you, Kathy, how to tag my books so that I know who sent them... I also learned what an ARC is...I am so proud of myself...and all of this was accomplished whilst
I was still in my jammies...hee hee here is my  very informal review of style... my way.

Chloe Neill wrote a wonderfully fascinating story about students…yes…again…with special powers. This book is different from others in this genre and quite interesting. The story begins at St. Sophia’s, an all girl boarding school in the heart of Chicago.  However, most of the excitement takes place in the underground tunnels beneath the school and beneath the city of Chicago.  There are people who are Reapers (these would be the bad guys) and students who are Adepts ( these would be the very good guys).  It is a classic story of good against evil with some mystery, some teenage angst, a bit of sexual attraction and just enough mean girl activity thrown in to make this book a really really good one. The good girl versus mean girl segments within the story are just totally delicious. The main yummy characters are Lily Parker and Scout Greene... misfits at St. Sophia's who become roommates and eventual BFF's. There are other very fascinating characters who all seem to be marked with  unusual powers and  the author has even thrown into this mix a handsome werewolf.   And after reading Shiver...most of me has a thing for werewolves.  Lest we not forget New Moon and those amazing werewolves. The story is totally believable and has an ending that cries out for speed reading. I have checked everywhere and right now there is no sign of a sequel, which is maddening. My only hope is that the book title says Book 1…so I just know Chloe is furiously penning Book 2 as I write this.
She better be...( my idea of a mild reader's fake threat ).  I cannot imagine anyone not enjoying this book.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Almost Spring!!!   I am taking KarinTheLibrarian's spring festive challenge...I think my goal will be to write more book reviews and put them all over the place...I am frantically reviewing books on Amazon...because I really want an invitation to the Amazon Vine I am so sorry for all the reviews I did not write and publish...but I am totally taking care of that now...thank goodness that I really do write reviews for almost everything that I read.   I have kept them on my laptop just in case I need them and now I that I am consumed with getting an invitation from Amazon...I really need them.  I am also getting more and more books in the mail and I want to focus on a good way to track them...they come without letters and I need to come up with a really great way to remember where they came from so that I can get thank you's out... with all of this my head anyway...I am focused on just chillaxing for the rest of the day.  A nice glass of a chilled white wine...and someone else bringing home dinner tonight...Happy Friday all!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ode To My Beloved Kindle...

I love my Kindle...I love my is the amazing knowledge of having the capacity to carry an entire library around with me everywhere that I go.  Today my  library was at the salon while I got a mani/pedi and it went to Maine and Colorado and Ohio...often my library will just go out on the deck with me...the best thing about a Kindle is not having to decide what book or books to take along when we travel...I take my entire library with me wherever I go...and I add to my library way too much...I love my real and precious paper books, too...but don't you just feel a bit greener using a Kindle?  I think I do...


I am in the middle of reading Firespell and I am thoroughly enjoying it...I know I have said this before but there is something about a book that takes place in a drafty stony boarding school.   Firespell has the added interest of being in the middle of the city of Chicago albeit  most of the excitement takes place underground...

I felt as though even though I write reviews for books I receive...I was wondering if I give enough credit to their sources.   I won a book from J.Kaye's Book Blog...The Wish Stealers by Tracy Trivas.  Random House sent me Shanghai Girls by Penny See,  LibraryThing sent me One Week In December by Holly Chamberlin and I just received A Whole World by Emily Winslow...I think I got this from is so exciting to get an unproofed copy of a book...this one won't be released until May I am not even supposed to talk about it until then.  I am still in the beginning stages of getting books to review...I am reasonably certain that I am not working hard enough to get books...but I am also not quite certain how to get more. 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Has To Be Just Around The Corner...

Spring Has Arrived At Slimbridge Wetlands Wildlife Centre

It was so extremely lovely yesterday that I sat out on the deck and deck furniture out yet...not a thing...just me and my Kindle...and a pair of geese that appeared to be looking for a place to nest.  The pond is such an attraction for them...they just cannot this a baby goose or a duck?