Sunday, December 12, 2010

I come from a long line of Christmas loving people...

I think I really do...I love Christmas books and Christmas snow and Christmas trees...of course...and Christmas lights and Christmas presents and Christmas cookies and pepperminty candy canes...the big fat ones not the teeny tiny ones.  When I was still at home it would always snow for Christmas.  When my husband and I were living in California and came home for Christmas we would pray for snow and it always did snow...we would take my dad's dog...and walk through my quiet small town at midnight.  Almost every house was decorated and the air smelled like fireplaces and you could catch snowflakes on your tongue.  We would make snowballs for Joe the dog to catch...he loved snow walks as much as we did.  And then come home and raid the refrigerator for ham sandwiches and homemade Kolachi...a traditional pastry treat my mom made at Christmas...
Lucy is seriously checking out this stocking!!!


  1. I do love a white Christmas! We didn't have them as a kid but we do seem to get them more often these days. There is something so special about being outside when it snows. Great memories!

  2. Patty-What a great husband you have to wash windows?! Here's a good tip...instead of wasting all those rolls of paper towels, good old bunch of newspapers you've read will do the trick, and a plain spray bottle, filled with whit vinegar.(although windex is better)...vinegar is organic.

    Love little Lucy, peaking into the cute!
    I'm with you, on Christmas, we have so much going on here with the little grand kids, and memories from my childrens' when they were little.
    It's the happiest day of the year!

  3. Elisabeth...I will pass on your tips...he just loves washing windows and floors and bathrooms...he hates when I do it...and he hates when I change the sheets...he prefers to do it himself and who am I to argue...hee hee hee...

    Michelle...I think I just love snow...any time and anywhere...I never get tired of it...