Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cheerios For Sunday Supper?

This was my husband's most anxiously awaited day of far.  He loves football...loves it...did I say he really loves football?  So...I gave him today...I made him steak and eggs for breakfast...homemade pizza for lunch...and stone ground taco chips and 100 layer dip ( just teasing about the 100 layers ) for his half time snack...I read an entire book from start to finish.  We put a small heating pad on the ottoman in the family room so Lucy would stay with us...and we have not moved...literally.  It is now 6:30 and any plans I had for dinner have been discarded and my husband has just asked me if spending today this way was ok...I find this amazingly funny.  So...dinner will be a bowl of cheerios and bananas...and one more football game...OMG!!!

Lucy and I have plans to retreat upstairs for this last game...we think we have had enough football for the official first day of the season.


  1. We love football here too, but Saturday's our day for it, since we watch college games.

  2. I failed to mention we did that too yesterday but we did go out for awhile...

  3. LOL. My husband's not into sports. He prefers to workout than watch a bunch guys running around, getting sweaty.

    So, have you reading Mockingjay yet? :)

  4. I have not...I haven't even read the first one...I just Kindled it so I will be reading it soon...