Thursday, August 12, 2010

For The Love Of Vintage...

Free People is both a free standing store and also a fabulous online store.  They are similar to Anthropologie and have interesting and edgy clothes and coats and shoes and boots and hats and necklaces and bracelets and bags and amazing other finds.  Look at these skates!!!  I think my cousins had skates similar to these...and we probably just tossed them sad...I love all of this old old stuff.  In fact...I think I remember bright red laces that kept these on and a key?   Would there have been a key for these?  I remember watching my cousin AnnLouise speed around the block and over the sidewalks of our town with these...whoooosh!!!


  1. I had skates like that and I can see why you tossed them aside - they were impossible to skate in!

  2. I know...didn't they always fall to the side and make you fall? What on earth was the key for?