Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What To Read...What To Read...

I am finished with truly was filled with excitement and intensity and gave me a huge craving for steak.   Which is really odd since I am mostly a flexible vegetarian and can go without eating anything meaty for months...but I am sort of craving a yummy steak.  I really even hate saying that but I was not capable of finishing this series without craving a hamburger or a thick meaty steak.  There is something so fascinating about  boarding school vampires who are being threatened not only by vampire hunters but also by wraiths... sort of ghostly creatures that turn everything they touch into ice...vampires included.  This was a really good series and I know Claudia Gray is not finished with Bianca and Lucas and the amazing Balthazar yet...there has to be a third book on the way.  

I whispernetted House Of Dark Shadows and Watcher In The Woods both by Robert Liparulo and it was my intention to begin with the first book in that series but...I am leaning more toward Holly Black or Melissa Marr or Lesley Livingston...I will decide later today.   I have them all I am just not sure what I am in the mood for.  It is always sad for me to leave a series.  I am so connected with the writing and the characters so choosing the next book is a challenging task.  I also have an interest in the Blue Is For Nightmare Series by Laurie Faria might be at the top of my list...


  1. In my younger days {hee hee) I used to watch the Dark Shadows soap opera...Loved it! One of these days I'm going to read House of Dark Shadows.

  2. Dreamhouse Kings, all the way! It's such a great story (it gets better as it goes, but it had me from the start). Of course, as you said, mood plays an important part in what's right for you at the moment. Choose well, grasshopper.

  3. There is a third book on the way!! The best part is it comes out March 9th! (Hourglass)

    Holly Black is also fantastic!

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